MASS License Purchases and Renewals: What’s the difference and which is best for me?

How to get up and running with the MASS software, what difference between license purchases and renewals, and how you can save the most money!

This post is part of a quick FAQ series Brad and I have put together to make it easier to find answers to the questions you are looking for.

This article originally was featured on the MASS Software Blog, formerly hosted on the software section of the Canada Masonry Design Centre website. CMDC is the authorized technical service provider for the MASS Software

In order to use the MASS software, you first purchase a license and then renew it each year at the reduced renewal price. So, what’s the difference between a purchase and a renewal?

Renewals – only available to existing MASS users

The most cost effective way to keep a MASS license is by renewing every year. Each renewal extends your license to the July 15th of the following year, regardless of when you renew your license. This was done to concentrate renewals around the same date each year, keeping more money allocated to technical support and software development (read more on this here). If you have a masonry project even once every 3 years, it is cheaper to renew each July for $220 than to wait until you need it and buy a new license again for S825. Not only are our renewals much cheaper than purchases at $220/year but if you take also advantage of our early-bird and multi-user discounts to save even more! To renew, simply follow the link included in your renewal notification email or click here to visit our online store.

Purchase – New to MASS? There is no time like the present to jump in!

If you have never used MASS before, purchasing a MASS license is the way to get started. In addition to the software tool itself, MASS purchases also include comprehensive technical support, as well as access new version releases free of charge. A physical copy of the software is automatically included in your purchase ($25 value). License purchases come with a license that is valid for at least one year, bringing you to July 15th when all licenses are renewed. For example, if you purchased a license on August 10th, 2015, this license will have an expiry date of July 15th, 2017. If you are interested in purchasing a MASS license, please visit our online store or contact the CMDC directly for assistance.

If you haven’t used MASS and would like to try it before purchasing, please do not hesitate to contact us and request your free trial. We are confident that you will find MASS to be a worthwhile purchase, joining over 450 engineers across Canada who use MASS for their masonry designs.