Clearing up the Confusion around MASS Licenses

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Each year around this time, hundreds of calls and emails come through our office asking about the MASS software renewal process. [callout title=”First of all, please don’t hesitate to call or email if you have questions!” button=”Contact Us” link=”” buttoncolor=”white, yellow, orange, red, blue, green, gray, black, alternative-1, alternative-2, alternative-3″ target=”_blank or _self”]These articles are meant to supplement our support, not replace it![/callout]


That being said, if you are looking for answers for your questions having to do with the MASS software and how licensing is handled, you will find the answers you are looking for here. If there is anything that we left out, please tell us and we’ll make an effort to add to what we have here today.

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License renewal sales help fund the support and improvement of the MASS software. Having access to support provided by qualified engineering professionals and keeping MASS up to date with building codes and design standards is made possible through the continued support of not only masonry contractors and suppliers but our base of engineering subscribers. In addition to the steady improvements, there are other benefits of being a MASS subscriber that can be read about here.

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Renewals are extensions to existing licenses while purchases are for first time MASS users. Click here for more information.

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Every MASS license has an expiry date that can be extended through renewals. On how to find your expiry date and what to do if you license has already expired, click here for more information.

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There are discounts available for renewing MASS shortly after it has expired as well as ways to save money when buying multiple licenses within one or across many offices. Click here for more information.

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