How to get started on a masonry beam design using MASS

This chapter provides all the information required to use the beam module in the Masonry Analysis Structural Systems software package.  It provides detailed descriptions on using the program, the steps required to design a beam using MASS, as well as additional applicable engineering information (including CSA standards references).  This chapter also provides detailed descriptions and dissections of the results so that users can understand the completed beam design.  In addition, the chapter equips users with information on how MASS obtains a design, allowing a designer to manipulate the beam module with ease.

The following topics are included in this chapter (headings are linked):

Introduction to Beams

A basic primer before getting into the field-by-field details of beam design.

Beam Design Steps

A thorough walk-through of the entire process of designing a beam

A Complete Beam Design

This section contains everything needed for each stage of the design process.

Beam Design Strategy

A deeper dive into the specifics of which properties are incremented before others in an effort to arrive at the most efficient and economical design.

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