Getting you up to speed on the basics of the MASS™ software

This introductory section covers everything involved in getting up and running with the MASS software. From installation and activation to a complete and current change log and where to get additional help, the ‘Getting Started’ section is the place to look for anything leading up to the use of the actual software.

In this section, the following topics can be found (Headings are linked to sub-sections):

Introduction to MASS™

A brief summary of what the MASS™ software package can be used for.

Installation Guide

A step-by-step procedure outlining how to install MASS™ on your personal or work computer.

Activation Guide

The full process explaining how MASS™ copies are activated and what to do if there are any issues.

Computer Requirements

A discrete list of minimum specifications that must be met in order to run MASS™.

Where to get Help

Still running into problems? Don’t give up and read on for what do do next.

Version History and Change Log

A complete history of every edition of the MASS™ software ever released (including what was changed for each one)


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