Saving time by designing each element along the height from one place


The biggest addition to MASS Version 4.0 is the addition of a new module which coordinates the design of several shear wall elements to come up with one quick, thorough, and unified design along the entire height of a structure.

The embedded video below gives an introduction to the multi-storey module with the details covered in the linked pages further below:

The Multi-Storey Shear wall section of the MASS user documentation is comprised of multiple pages:

Introduction to Multi-Storey Shear Walls

Covering the basic scope of the multi-storey shear wall module. This should be read first for anyone new to MASS Version 4.0

Design Steps

This page goes through the entire process from start to finish of designing a multi-storey shear wall. All of the inputs and design possibilities are covered here.

Load Distribution

The Load Distribution page explains the manner in which MASS takes loads applied to a full multi-storey assemblage and determines the unfactored loads applied to each individual storey module (run using a shear wall element tab).

Design Strategy

Wondering how MASS goes about arriving at the results that you see after a design? This page walks through the entire complicated process used by the software to arrive at a result that satisfies the design requirements.

How MASS Calculates Drift

This article is a second part to the individual shear wall element deflection article which explains the added aspects of rotations coming into the base of each storey.An example is included that can be followed along with at home.

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