The following list consists of selected list of excluded features. For questions about specific features, contact . If a value is not provided in any of the output windows, assume that the program does not perform the calculation.

Does the program determine transverse shear for shear walls with flanges?

When a shear wall has flanges, these have to be connected to the web by: interlocking of the masonry units (50 % running bond), using horizontal reinforcement (joint reinforcement or bond beams) across the vertical intersection, or using rigid steel connectors fully embedded in mortar or grout (CSA S304.1-04: 7.11 and 10.11). Transverse shear calculations are not currently performed by MASS™ Version 1.0. The intersection must be strong enough to withstand the shear forces acting vertically a long the height of the wall and transverse shear resistance at the web-flanges connection.

Does the program perform detailing?

No, detailing work is left up to the designer. MASS™ Version 1.0 does not determine splice lengths, development length, hooks, etc. Reinforcement in any graphic representations extends to the ends of the assemblage as not to deceive users into thinking that the development length calculations had been performed.

Does the program determine bearing resistance?

For beams, yes. However, the bearing resistance is calculated using CSA S304.1-04: 7.14.6. Detailed bearing resistance analysis is left up to the designers (refer to CSA S304.1-04: 7.14).

Does the program account for horizontal out-of-plane bending?

The MASS™ Version 1.0 designs for vertical flexure (vertical out-of-plane bending) only.  MASS™ Version 1.0 DOES NOT design walls to resist horizontal out-of-plane bending.

Does MASS™ Version 1.0 contain a column module?

Not at the present. This is a feature that will be considered for future upgrades.

Does the shear wall module within MASS™ Version 1.0 allow for openings?

Not at the present. This is a feature that will be considered for future upgrades.

Does the beam module perform deep beam shear design?

No, MASS™ Version 1.0 does not perform deep shear design (CSA S304.1-04: 11.3.5).

What type of ductility assumptions are made in the shear wall module?

The program does not make any special allowances for limited ductility or moderate ductility. It is up to the user to ensure the Rd factor being used is the appropriate value prior to using MASS™ Version 1.0. Please ensure the assumptions made apply to the design the MASS™ Version 1.0 provides. For example, if the user assumed an RM shear wall, but the program provides a successful RM shear wall design, the original assumption may not apply.

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