Giving you all the information you need to design walls using MASS

This chapter provides all the information required to use the out-of-plane wall module in the Masonry Analysis Structural Systems software package. This chapter provides detailed descriptions on using the program, the steps required to design an out-of-plane wall using MASS, as well as additional applicable engineering information (including CSA standards references). This chapter also provides detailed descriptions and dissections of the results so that users can understand the completed out-of-plane wall design. In addition, this chapter equips users with information on how MASS obtains a design, allowing designers to manipulate the out-of-plane module with ease.

The available topics within this chapter are listed below (headings are linked):

Introduction to Walls

This section provides the background information before diving into more technical specifics in subsequent sections.

Wall Design Steps

A complete walk-through of everything needed to design a wall in MASS

A Complete Wall Design

This section contains all of the information needed to complete each stage of the design process.

Loads Analysis Results for Walls

How loads are distributed along an out-of-plane wall module and how to interpret the results.

Wall Design Strategy

Explaining which properties are incremented before others as MASS seeks to find a passing wall design.

Appendix Entry: P-M Interaction Diagram

Formerly part of a separate appendix section in the original MASS Help Files, this section goes into the details on how an interaction diagram is created for a wall designed using MASS.


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